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Assessment for Learning Project

Can we fundamentally rethink the role of assessment in learning?

Through a growing community of practice and a multi-year grant program, the Assessment for Learning Project invites both practitioners and policymakers to rethink the role that systems of assessment should be playing to advance student learning and improve K12 systems. As learning becomes more personalized, less cohort-restricted, more competency-based and student-centered, there is tremendous need to:


  1. Advance our understanding of assessment’s essential role in the learning process, and

  2. Develop crucial enablers such as a) new models of assessment and accountability systems, b) models of educator capacity building, and/or c) use of technology tools.


Supported by a national group of partner organizations, the initiative has identified an initial set of grantees representing all levels of the system, diverse governance structures, and differing contexts; the project is seeking practice-level innovations capable of informing and shaping systems-level change. The grantees are at the center of a much broader community of practice organized around the ALP Learning Agenda.


To learn more about the Assessment for Learning Project, the Grantees, the Learning Agenda, learning underway in the Community of Practice, and how to join the Community of Practice, visit the project website.


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