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We facilitate connections, build relationships, and share learning among those who must work in concert to bring about equity-seeking change in education. We often, but not always, orient this work around innovation in assessment and accountability systems as a key lever for systems change. More on what we do can be found in the Core Practices below.


We also believe that how we go about our work is of equal importance as what we do. We strive to approach each project - and each relationship - with the following dispositions:

  • Curiosity - We lead with learning, never sitting back on our current expertise but instead leaning into new insights that emerge as the work unfolds. We especially value learning and reflecting alongside others, appreciating each opportunity to view the system and learn from diverse perspectives and different vantage points. 

  • Care - We seek to build trusting relationships on a foundation of respect, affirmation, and care. We believe that we only surface the most important opportunities and insights when all the people we work with feel seen, safe, and valued. 

  • Criticality - We understand that we all have blind spots, and that the most innovative work happens at the very edge of our learning. So we invite one another to ask hard questions; and when we have a critical question, we share it


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