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At CIE, we aspire to lead with learning: and to center our work in an equity-seeking vision of America’s learners, just as the best local and state system leaders do.  We seek to support field partners as they shift the instructional core, pervasive behaviors, and policies to lead their systems ever more in the direction of equity. We base all decisions about what we do in FOUR broad areas of inquiry:


  1. What are the key characteristics of equity seeking and inequity preserving systems, leaders, and policies?

  2. What do we individually, locally and nationally see when we envision learning goals for young people? What is our True North?

  3. What conditions will enable that vision? For students? For educators? For policymakers?

  4. How do we help learning communities make the transition from systems of schooling to equity seeking systems for learning?


As we approach any project, we pose key questions, we develop ideas and hypotheses about possible solutions that bridge policy and practice, and we look for opportunities to test those with partners in the field in a limited fashion through a process of collecting and examining evidence, reflecting on what we are learning, and finding opportunities to invite states and local systems to learn together and support one another  in approximating the most promising strategies that emerge.


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