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Creating and Growing a National Interstate Learning Community

Dedicated to building equity seeking systems, working with teams of state and local educational leaders as they advance ecosystems in their state that raise up equity-seeking innovative practice in teaching, learning and assessment, including performance assessments.  Specific communities of practice within the Learning Community are addressing:

  • State wide intermediary organizations supporting field level innovation in schools, districts, and communities;

  • Promising Practices in teaching, learning, and assessment, with particular emphasis on equity and agency for all learners


  • Research in the definitions and use of Balanced Systems of Assessment, including data collection and reporting,


  • Communications in the roll out of promising new educational opportunities that serve all students, not just for some;


  • The roles of the SEA, Intermediaries, and Local districts and schools working together towards implementation oof equity-seeking endeavors;


  • The advancement of student and educator capacity in supporting career development, college admissions, and college placement, and


  • Scaling new equity seeking systems of deeper learning, including performance assessments



For inquiries or more information about the Interstate Learning Community, please contact the Director, Paul Leather at

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