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C!E Declaration of Intent

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Updated August 14, 2020

Like the rest of America, we continue to learn about barriers to equitable outcomes for learners and the ways in which systemic racism is woven into our ways of schooling. We are learning from families who we have helped facilitate in partnership with educators in a number of places across the country. We are learning from members of the ALP community who are responding differently to what they learned in the spring and the constraints and opportunities of the fall than some of their peers. We are learning from intermediary organizations who are playing new and expanded roles in responding to needs of local school systems. And we continue to learn by maintaining the reflective behaviors we committed to in our statement of solidarity.

It felt important to capture that learning in an update to our organizational declaration. As we said when we first shared our declaration, we do not profess to have things figured out nor are we seeking to tell others what should guide their decision-making. We do feel we should be transparent with partners about why we do what we do. And we meant it when we first shared the declaration:

The declaration is more than just a living document for us, it is a document that guides our practice and learning as a team and organization. We continually use it to check ourselves as we make decisions about partnership, resource use, initiative design and use of internal staff time.

We have been checking ourselves. We have been making different decisions about the work we do, partnerships we seek and whose voice we amplify. And we will continue to learn and change in response to that learning. We offer the updated declaration in an effort to be transparent about our learning and our stance as an organization.

Click the image below to download C!E's Declaration of Intent.

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