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C!E Declaration of Intent

Updated: Apr 2

Equity and belief in the capability of all learners has always been core to the work we do. We have continued to learn about how equity and innovation interact with various parts of public education systems, local communities, and learners’ funds of knowledge. We also continue to examine how our work and the work of partners could more effectively seek to disrupt and repair systemic inequities. In the course of our own learning, we periodically seek critique and provocation from colleagues with deep expertise in diversity, equity and inclusion and this organizational declaration is the product of a series of such conversations in 2019. It states what we believe to be true about how our history is reflected in the current ecosystem and identifies priorities for us as an organization as we strive to transform education systems from preserving inequity to being unabashedly and persistently equity-seeking. The declaration is more than just a living document for us, it is a document that guides our practice and learning as a team and organization. We continually use it to check ourselves as we make decisions about partnership, resource use, initiative design and use of internal staff time.


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