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New Report: Measuring Forward - Emerging Trends in K-12 Assessment Innovation

Dear Friends, Today we are sharing a new seminal report called Measuring Forward: Emerging Trends in K-12 Assessment Innovation. Knowledge Works serves as one of the founding members, along with C!E and the Aurora Institute, of a small but influential network of national organizations called the Student-Centered Assessment and Accountability Coalition who are advocating for greater flexibility in innovative assessment and accountability educational systems at local, state, and federal levels. With Knowledge Works taking the lead through a small grant, all of the members canvassed our respective communities to produce the report.

We are including the report here as part of the C!E blog series as a help and a reminder to all of you who follow us that learner centered assessment has truly become a national movement, one that is increasingly capturing the attention of policy makers at all levels, educators, parents, and, most importantly, students. If we are sincere in our commitments to build equity-seeking assessment systems, it is essential that these emerging systems be truly learner centered, finding ways to recognize the unique gifts of each student, regardless of race, economic status, or zip code. This has been a foundational principle for C!E, and, indeed, for all of our partners.

As the gray veil of the pandemic finally begins to show signs of lifting, children and their families are crying out for major shifts in how education performs and how it is held accountable. Such a demand for change can only be met by innovators and pathfinders working closest to the learning process. Over time, if fostered, these many beacons of light will shine across our cities and towns, illuminating new paths forward for generations to come. This report points to the many ways and trends emerging just now. We ask that you give it a read and let us know about the innovations that are creating change in your communities. For those of you who are desperate for more supportive educational policy and legislation, please know that the Student-Centered Assessment and Accountability Coalition will look to make your achievements known in your State Houses, the Administration, and even the Halls of Congress. Read the report Measuring Forward: Emerging Trends in K-12 Assessment Innovation here.

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