Why We Do What We Do

The Center for Innovation in Education advances the development of systems that seek greater equity in how children develop the identity, community, agency, and competency that will pave the way for greater equity in our society. We commit to working towards a world where each child receives what he or she needs to develop the identity, agency, and competency that supports successful pursuit of the path of their choosing. We act on this aspiration by forming learning communities of leaders who are committed to striving for the kind of extraordinary leadership that builds, sustains and repairs relationships across traditional lines of difference because we believe in the power of shared learning to advance shared purpose. We believe that this kind of inclusive leadership builds power that can reshape systems so that they are, by design, always seeking greater equity.



Fundamentally, we bring people together at the edge of their learning around key questions:


  1. What are the key characteristics of equity seeking and inequity preserving systems, leaders, and policies?

  2. What do we individually, locally and nationally see when we envision learning goals for young people? What is our True North?

  3. What conditions will enable that vision? For students? For educators? For policymakers?

  4. How do we help learning communities make the transition from systems of schooling to equity seeking systems for learning?

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