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C!E Practice Areas

Inclusive Design

We help education leaders create more responsive public schools by including students, families, and community members in making the big decisions. We equip leadership teams with the skills necessary to build trust and deliver on the needs of the community.


  • We engage unusually diverse stakeholders in a design thinking process built around habits of inclusion, empathy, co-creation, and reciprocity.

  • We provide leadership development and coaching so that the work becomes locally owned and sustainable.

Learning Community Stewardship

C!E convenes unusually diverse groups of curious innovators to get better at what matters and transform policy.

  • Members learn from one another and national experts.

  • Members build tools to address critical problems at home.

  • Members use C!E platforms to elevate their work and influence federal policy.

Leadership Development

C!E supports leaders as they learn to use responsive habits to transform learning environments, building culture, local community partnership, and core functions of the broader education system. 

  • C!E mentors leaders through Inclusive Design initiatives

  • C!E brings the habits into shared leadership structures within learning communities

  • C!E offers coursework and degree programs to teacher, building, district and school leaders

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