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The North Dakota PK-12 Alliance

Over the 2020-2021 school year, C!E did a series of projects in partnership with the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction. The focus of the work was family and community partnership, first at a statewide scale and then with local communities. These communities produced a number of assets that we and they wish to share because we believe they are ripe for approximation. 
First you will see the Strategy Playbook created by the statewide PK-12 Alliance.  Inside this playbook are eight strategies created in response to themes uncovered through a lengthy user empathy process.  They may be useful if you have learners, families or teachers with similar needs.
Then you will see the tools, materials and recorded sessions from the Family, Community, Student Co-Creation Process. If you are curious about co-creating with families and learners, check out these materials. Also feel free to email Doannie Tran, our Partner of Liberatory Co-Creation if you wish to learn more at  

Recorded Design Sessions

Please click on the titles of each video to view larger and to download.

Design Session Slide Presentation PDFs

Please click on the titles or images to download a PDF of the slide presentations.

For inquiries or more information about the North Dakota PK-12 Alliance, please contact Gretchen Morgan at

 or  NDDPI Family Engagement Core Team.

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